Tuff Shed vs. Bear

Jun 23, 2022 |  Featured Stories

A hungry bear coming out of hibernation can be a tough opponent. But not nearly as tough as our sheds. Troy, a happy Tuff Shed customer, wanted to share his story of a thwarted bear break-in. The hungry nighttime visitor lost the battle with Troy’s storage shed in this awesome edition of Tuff Shed vs.

Troy and his family are used to wildlife activity in their neck of the woods but they were lucky enough to catch this battle on camera. The bear certainly did try her best to break in, tugging on the door and handle – even knocking off some of the trim. But in the end, the shed was just too TUFF.

“This big sow had been by a number of times but this time she tried to break in and failed,” says Troy. “I just need to touch up the paint and reattach some trim and the shed will be as good as new. It’s a great product!”

And it’s not the first time a Tuff Shed building has attracted a bear, like this one that found a shed’s roof to be a cozy place to enjoy a break.

In the end, you can’t beat a shed that stands up to a hungry bear with hardly a scratch. And if this TUFF shed isn’t enough proof, take a look at this shed that stood strong under a fallen tree and this shed that lasted through a record flood.