Built To Last

Sep 09, 2016 |  Building of the Month

It’s no secret that this is the season for extreme weather and we hope that you and your family have stayed safe during the storms this year. Mother Nature can offer heartbreaking reminders that our homes and property are frequently no match for the power of natural disasters.

And while we don’t claim that our buildings can withstand tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, fires or other acts of God, we do try to make our structures as durable and lasting as possible. So it’s inspirational for us to hear from customers whose Tuff Shed buildings have come through some pretty incredible circumstances.

Here are a couple of extreme examples from customers who have experienced property loss as a result of severe weather, but have been fortunate at least to have their Tuff Shed building remain intact.

The first comes from uncertain, TX where Tuff Shed customer, Larry Hopkins was happy to see his building stand strong through record breaking flood waters. “We experienced what has been called a 50-year flood. We purchased our building in 2015 and as you can see it came through the flood unbelievably well. After the water receded, I washed the interior and exterior with a brush to remove the water stain then allowed a couple of weeks for it to air out. As you can see form the last photo it’s “just like new” again. Thanks for building a quality product and it truly is a TUFF SHED!”

The second customer example also comes out of Texas. Michael, our customer from the city of Rowlett, TX was amazed that his 20+ year old Tuff Shed building came through a category EF-4 tornado almost fully intact.

“Aside from some missing shingles and subsequent water damage, the door opens as smoothly and as in-line as it did from the beginning,” he says.

Following the tornado that hit on December 26 of last year, a local television news crew aired video from Michael’s neighborhood, showing his still standing Tuff Shed building as well as the complete destruction of his home located only steps away.

Likely, it was just the random luck of location that the force of the wind didn’t pick up or blow apart Michael’s shed but pardon us if we use his account for inspiration to keep designing and building our structures to be the best they can be.