Tuff Shed Introduces Clerestory Roof Upgrade

May 07, 2024 |  Featured Stories

Looking to take your shed to the next level? Well, you’re in luck! We’re excited to announce an eye-popping roof upgrade for our Home Depot lineup of Sundance Series sheds. Our Clerestory Upgrade is now available on select sizes of our popular TR-800 ranch-style model.  

The Clerestory roof pitch upgrade allows customers to truly enhance the curb appeal of their building, while offering additional interior space and natural light. This upgrade is distinguished by the two separate roof sections in different pitches (steepness) and separated by a row of windows.   

And the curb appeal doesn’t stop there. Customers adding this upgrade to their TR-800 building get the additional benefits of larger, 6” boxed eaves all the way around the building, as well as our Dimensional Shingle Upgrade. This roof makes a bold statement!   

Previously only available on Tuff Shed PRO Series sheds, the Clerestory Upgrade has proven to be one of our most popular with customers in recent years. We’ve even had two recent social media influencers opt for this upgrade- Nicole Pankopp, with (@simplyalignedhome) and Cass Smith with (@cassmakeshome).  

Nicole said, “I wanted a lot of natural light, and one of the Tuff Shed representatives recommended the Clerestory; as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it.” 

A look into our Clerestory roof pitch upgrade.

Product Details: Clerestory upgrade is only available on the TR-800 in specific sizes. Here are the details:

  • Model: Can be added to TR-800 model
  • Widths: 8’ wide, 10’ wide and 12’ wide models
  • Lengths: Even lengths only (ie. 8’ long, 10’ long, 12’ long, 16’ long, etc.)
  • Roof Pitch: 6/12 Roof Pitch on back portion, 5/12 on the front portion
  • Eaves: Upgraded 6” Boxed eaves on all walls
  • Shingles: Upgraded Dimensional Shingles
  • Windows: 20”x11” transom placed in each truss bay (one window for every 2 feet of building length)

Our first customer to purchase this upgrade went with a 12ft x 18ft TR-800. They said they were looking for a shed with a higher ceiling and are excited about the opportunity to bring in more natural light. So, whether you are looking for a shed for more storage, DIY projects, or simply to enjoy some leisure time, this upgrade is sure to enhance both form and function of your building.

Ready to learn more about the Clerestory upgrade and explore all the fantastic features available in our Tuff Shed models at The Home Depot? Visit our online configurator now by clicking HERE.

It’s time to transform your outdoor space with Tuff Shed at The Home Depot today!