Storage in the Back, Party in the Front

Jul 19, 2022 |  Building of the Month

At Tuff Shed, we specialize in customized storage solutions. And that’s just what Scott needed. He was on the hunt for a custom shed with space for outdoor entertaining. But his plans seemed to be too complicated or costly for several contractors. Then he found Tuff Shed.

Scott’s shed plan centered on a bar top he had made by hand. He wanted his future shed to have storage space and room for his custom bar. “I was getting frustrated with everyone telling me my idea either couldn’t be built or would be way out of budget,” says Scott. “I knew there had to be a solution, so I went to Home Depot to price out what a DIY shed would cost.”

But when he got to The Home Depot, he toured the Tuff Shed displays instead. Feeling inspired, he contacted his local Tuff Shed Area Sales Manager to chat about a solution. That phone call changed Scott’s outlook on the project entirely. “It was so easy,” laughs Scott. “I found out we could add a porch and make it the perfect size for my bar and check everything off my list.” Even better, he could also take advantage of a special financing offer with his Home Depot Consumer Credit Card. “It was actually cheaper to have Tuff Shed build it for me than it would have been to do it all myself,” he notes.

So he settled on a 10×8 TR-800 with a four-foot end wall porch. Of course, Scott couldn’t let the project start without getting his hands dirty. He designed and built the platform for the shed to be installed on, making a seamless addition to his pool deck. Then installation day came, and Scott was left with his custom shed, ready for his DIY additions.

And the finished product absolutely fits Scott’s original plan. He ran electricity to the shed for lights and a mini fridge and installed his homemade bar top –a perfect fit for the porch. “It’s awesome,” he laughs. “We’ve been calling it the mullet shed since it’s got storage in the back and a party in the front. It’s exactly what I wanted for the backyard.”