42 Years of Tuff Shed Strength

Jul 28, 2022 |  Featured Stories

A lot of things can change in 42 years. But one thing that certainly hasn’t is the strength and quality of a Tuff Shed building. We’ve kept our dedication to our product at the forefront, something that’s clear with these incredible customer stories. So, just how tough is a Tuff Shed building?

Tuff Shed Vs. Trees

A windstorm can cause plenty of damage to your home and property. But these customers’ sheds stood strong under the weight of downed trees and branches. Pete even noted the lack of damage after he moved the branches off the shed. “I couldn’t believe how strong this shed actually is. It took the hit and sustained practically no damage, just slightly wrinkled flashing and some scuffing on some shingles.”

Michael’s tack room for his mini horses is another great example of Tuff Shed strength. And, of course, his horses were also safe through the windstorm.


Tuff Shed Vs. Flood

How about this extra sturdy shed? It stayed in place and intact during a 50-year flood in Texas a few years back. Larry, the happy owner, noted that all he needed to do was wait till the flood receded, open the doors, and scrub the water stains off the exterior siding. “It came through the flood unbelievably well, and after airing it out, it’s just like new again.”

Tuff Shed Vs. Wildlife

You wouldn’t want to be in the path of a hungry bear. But we’ve had a few reports of our sheds holding tough, even under the threat of a bear in search of a snack. You can check out security camera footage of a bear attempting to break into Jason’s shed here: https://www.888tuffshed.com/tuff-shed-vs-bear/

Tuff Shed vs. Fire

A fire on your property can be devastating through both emotional and financial loss. We’ve heard some truly incredible stories from Tuff Shed owners who have sent us photos and videos of their sheds post-fire. One incredible example is this barn, left standing after a wildfire ripped through the property.

A Tuff Shed barn left standing after a wildfire.