Fall Shed Maintenance

Sep 23, 2022 |  Tips & Suggestions

School is back in session; is it time for a lesson in shed maintenance? With the rush of the back-to-school season, our homes, garages, and even backyard sheds can become a mess. Now that summer leagues and the heat of gardening season are wrapping up; it’s time to refresh your shed or garage space. We’ve got a DIY guide to the organization and essential shed maintenance to get your shed, garage, and home back in shape.

First, start fresh.

When you’re in a rush, it’s easiest to toss your tools, sports equipment, or outdoor gear onto the nearest shelf right inside the door to your shed or garage. Now is the time to clear out those spaces and start with a blank slate. Clean off your workbench, shelving, and even your pegboard and reorganize. You can rotate your tools and equipment to match the upcoming seasonal needs. Don’t forget to clean the dirt and grime off your most-used tools!

Equipment Update

If summer league season is over for your family, this can be an opportunity to clean and reorganize all your gear. Sports equipment can be bulky and hard to keep neat, but there are plenty of great storage ideas and DIY options from the Home Depot to get you started.

Pre-Winterizing Your Shed

It’s never too early to get a start on winterizing. Cleanliness can go a long way for shed organization, inside and out. Sweep the interior of your shed and check for any repairs needed around the floor or lower studs. Remove and clean your window screens, wipe down shed windows, and repair any holes in the screens. Don’t forget to scan over the exterior of your shed. You may need a fresh coat of paint to keep your siding protected and looking good as new.

Get a head start on winterization before the new season hits with our guide to shed organization and maintenance. You’ll keep your investment looking great (and staying Tuff) all year long.