A Real Tuff Shed

Jul 22, 2020 |  Featured Stories

Pete and Patti have been proud Tuff Shed owners for about ten years, and recently they got to find out just how tough their Sundance Series building really is. We’ll let Pete tell the rest.

“I heard a loud noise around 1:30 am, but judging by whose dogs were barking, I thought it was something down the alley and didn’t get up to check. My wife got up early and was shocked to see one of the larger branches of an old Blue Eucalyptus tree had fallen. The branch was 15-20 feet from the ground where it broke and around 10 feet above the roof peak. When I saw it on top of my Tuff Shed, I imagined the worse. Upon inspection, I couldn’t have been happier with how the shed stood up. It took the hit and sustained practically no damage. I had to look closely to find any. The only ‘damage’ was some slightly wrinkled flashing and a little bit of scuffing on the shingles from the bark. So happy I went with the quality of a Tuff Shed.”- Pete S.