Spring Flowers Are Here; Are You Ready?

May 26, 2016 |  Featured Stories

Celebrate Spring with Window Boxes

It’s officially planting season and there’s no better place to add some bright summer color than by your Tuff Shed building. For low stress planting, we suggest window boxes. Not only do our Nantucket vinyl window boxes have a unique water retention system, they’ll stand up to the weather for years to come. For some planting inspiration and ideas check out our spring planting guide below. By the way, The Home Depot is a great place to start for all your spring gardening necessities.

Choosing the right plants

Are you planting for full sun, full shade, or a mix of both?

If your building has 6 or more hours of direct sun during the day, you’ll need to purchase plants that grow best in full sun.

If the area has about 4-6 hours of sun each day, partial sun/shade plants will grow well.

Purchase full shade plants if the area around your shed has less than 4 hours of direct sun a day.

Choosing the right soil

Soil selection does make a difference when planting your flowers! If you’re reusing soil from last year, be sure to remove any old plant matter (leaves, roots, etc.) and combine fresh potting mix with the used soil to boost the nutrients for plant growth.

A loam-based mix typically has good water retention qualities and nutrients. If you used a loam mix, you won’t need to fertilize your plants for about three months. When buying loam-based potting soil, check the bag to see what kind of a blend it is; it may be formulated for a specific type of plant.

Peat mixed potting soil works best for starting seedlings and potting plants. It’s a lightweight, well aerated soil without added fertilizers or nutrients, but it tends to dry out quickly.

Peat free potting mix is usually made from recycled household waste, so the soil is dark and heavy. It has good nutrient levels and retains moisture well, to keep your plants growing during the season. If you feel that the mix is too dense, you can combine peat free mix with a little coir based potting soil or plain peat to lighten it.

How often do you need to water?

Watering plants in the summer can be tricky. Wind, heat, and sunlight all work to dry out soil quickly in containers, causing plants to suffer. To combat the elements, water plants in the morning and evening when temperatures drop to make sure the water saturates the soil without burning off. If you have plants in direct sunlight for 6 or more hours each day, they’ll likely need to be watered twice a day.

If you’re planting in our window boxes, watering is less of a chore. The built in water reservoir will hold up to 1.6 gallons of water, allowing your plants to stay hydrated during the dry days of summer. You’ll still need to water when using these window boxes, just less frequently. Start the season by regularly checking the soil moisture in your containers and determine a watering system that will work best for you.

Enjoy the planting season!