Tiffany’s Dream Farm Stand Come True

You can turn a Tuff Shed into basically anything you can dream up. Tiffany O’Neill’s dream was to create a self-serve farm stand to sell her flowers and handmade, herbal soaps. After a LOT of research, she chose Tuff Shed to build her a practical-yet-adorable 10×10 ft SR-600 Sundance Series farm stand. 

Tuff Shed farm stand

Tiffany’s Story: 

Tiffany, on Instagram as @bainbridgeblooms, is a professional photographer turned first-generation farmer. After a successful career in product photography, she knew it was time to do something that fed her soul. 

In Tiffany’s words, she wanted to prioritize her joy and health over her earning potential. So she started growing her own flowers and turning them into artisanal, herbal soaps. 


The Process:

When her soap making business started taking off, Tiffany knew she wanted a place to sell her creations. She chose a Tuff Shed because of our strong structure, and rolled steel floor that prevents flooding and rot. The 5-year warranty didn’t hurt, either. 

Tiffany puts a lot of work into her farm and farm stand, so it makes sense for her to get a shed that works as hard as she does. Our patented door handle, lock, and sturdy construction mean that when Tiffany shuts down for the day, she knows her wares will be safe and protected overnight. 

After spending hours on our online configurator, she talked to a salesperson at her local Home Depot who was able to get her the features she cared about most—within her budget. 

But her favorite part of working with Tuff Shed? She’s busy. She knew Tuff Shed would deliver a high-quality building and take care of the installation, leaving her free to work on developing her farm. 

Tiffany’s Farm Stand:

Tiffany chose a simple 10×10 ft shed and simply painted the interior white to turn it into a clean, beautiful space that has passersby talking. In the words of Tiffany, “people are obsessed with it.” 

Just look at it—who wouldn’t be?

Tuff Shed farm stand at harvest time

Tiffany is a “clean, modern, simple design person”, so she’s using simple shelving, tables, and tablecloths to showcase all of her homegrown flowers and handmade soaps. 

Tiffany’s Advice:

We couldn’t help but ask Tiffany if she had any advice on how to leave a corporate career to follow her small farm dream. She shared that it’s a long game, a slow burn, and to not expect success overnight. 

Our thanks go out to Tiffany for taking the time to share her story and her farm stand. If you’re ever driving through Bainbridge, Ohio, keep an eye out on the side of the road for one the cutest farm stands you’ll ever see. 

In the meantime, what’s your dream use for a Tuff Shed? Play around with our online configurator, or stop by your local Home Depot today.