Your Spring Checklist

Mar 11, 2020 |  Tips & Suggestions

Spring cleaning can extend all the way to your backyard and shed. We’re here to help you get ready for the upcoming spring season with some easy tips for optimizing your backyard living space.

Get a Fresh Start

The best place to begin is with an empty, clean shed. Set aside time to clear out your shed as completely as possible. When the inside of your shed is empty, it’s time to get to deep cleaning. A good sweep and deep clean make a big difference in transforming your shed into a neat and organized storage space. Before you move all the items back into the shed, take a minute to sort through them. Remember, if you haven’t used an item within the last year or two, it may be time to donate or toss it.

Plan for Use

Take advantage of the clean slate inside your shed and start planning for the spring and summer seasons. If you plan on spending the new season gardening, reorganize your gardening gear and tools. If your spring season is full of outdoor adventures, rearrange your outdoor gear to make packing for weekend trips and weeknight leagues easy. No matter how you use your shed, you can organize the space to work better for your needs.

Prime for Entertaining

Why not take your outdoor living plans to a new level this year? Turn your shed and the space around it into an outdoor room that’s great for entertaining. A great way to start is with our Paver Patio DIY guide. You’ll add extra style and usable space to your shed; a win-win when it comes to home improvement projects.

After you’ve checked everything off your spring checklist, make sure you celebrate with a cold drink on your new paver patio; you’ve earned it!