A Beautiful Backyard Retreat

May 06, 2016 |  Building of the Month

Garden Art Studio

Beauty may lie in the eyes of the beholder but this shed can appeal to everyone. The classic style paired with a flourishing garden create a retreat that we can only dream of. Fortunately for one Home Depot customer, those dreams are sitting right in her backyard.

While on the market for a backyard art studio and retreat, Home Depot customer Maxine decided to take a chance and give Tuff Shed a call. She was so impressed by the product and knowledge of the team that she drove straight to the Clovis, New Mexico Home Depot and took a look at the buildings herself, imagining her new studio. Maxine had quite a few ideas for customizing the building to fit her needs, so area sales manager John Silva stepped up to help. “She called me up and we drove right over to her house. We took a couple hours to sit down and design the building and she was so excited she bought the building that night” remembers Silva.

Maxine and John put together a 10×12 TR-800 with plenty of customizations to allow for both natural light and air flow inside the building. With two 2×3 windows framing the front door and two 3×3 windows along the side walls, the backyard retreat gets quite a bit of natural light. The 6×12 roof pitch brings extra height to the building and the translucent air vents on the roof keep air flowing through the shed on hot days. To finish it off, Maxine installed drywall and insulation in the interior, along with an in-wall air conditioning unit to combat the New Mexico heat. She also hung pegboards on the walls to display her art and organize all the supplies.

It’s difficult to say whether the exterior or interior of the building is better place to relax. The growing container garden around the retreat brings some beautiful backyard color and the hanging lanterns provide cozy ambient light after sunset. It comes as no surprise that the studio holds a special place in Maxine’s heart. “This shed is her baby and she couldn’t be happier. It seems that every week we get a new update of photos of the finished interior or garden surrounding the shed,” says Silva. “We’re happy to see her so excited.” All in a day’s work for Tuff Shed!