Bringing Customization to a New Level

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You already know Tuff Shed buildings are fully customizable. But what if you had the opportunity to fully configure and design your dream building right at home? Now is your chance to test out all the sizes, styles, and upgrades we offer with our brand new, online 3-D Tuff Shed configurator.

Whether you’re choosing the perfect paint color, testing door and window placement on a shed, or determining what roofing style fits your needs best, our new configurator will make your big decisions easier. You can bring to life the shed vision that’s been in the back of your mind with just a few clicks.

Start by selecting the building style and size you prefer, then begin adding on all the customizations you’d like, big or small. Maybe you’re looking for transom windows on one wall with a full size window opposite, or deciding between double doors or a single door with a window. Our interactive configurator will show you exactly how each customization will look on a 3-D building model.  With each addition, our pricing tracker will let you know where the price of your shed sits in your budget, making it easier on you and your wallet. If you decide to start over you can simply erase your current design and start fresh.

Not only do you have the chance to configure your perfect building, now you also have the opportunity to save a no-obligation quote or even purchase your new building directly online. Our user friendly portal will guide you through the process and if you have any questions our representatives are a phone call away.

What better place to design your new Tuff Shed building than from your home? Even if you’re not ready to make a purchase right away, you can return to our online configurator as many times as you’d like, designing a new building each time. The choice is up to you, just as it should be. Start configuring your customized building here.