Don’t Bug Out!

Apr 15, 2016 |  Tips & Suggestions


What do you look forward to most in the Spring? Gardening may make it on your list but we think that an influx of insects is a quick way to cut back the enthusiasm of your green thumb. With these simple tips you’ll be able to keep the bugs out of your backyard shed this season:

Start Fresh

Keeping your shed clean is one of the best ways to cut down on bugs. Early in the season (Spring Cleaning!) take some time to clear out your shed and sweep out every corner. Not only will you clear out potential bug homes, you may find some forgotten treasures while you’re cleaning.

Light It Up

When using your shed, be sure the interior is brightly lit. Bugs tend to settle in dark, untouched areas, so the brighter you can keep the interior of your shed, the better.

Close the Containers

Store bug-attracting products like potting soil, compost, wood chips, etc. in heavy duty, sealed containers. Loose plastic bags and containers without secure lids are welcoming homes for insects A tightly sealed container will keep the bugs out and help protect your personal items.

Clean Up

When you finish an outdoor project, be sure to clean your gardening tools before storing them in your shed. Washing them off outside and drying them will do wonders to keep unwanted insects out. Not only will your tools look great, bugs won’t find a home in the residual dirt.

Long Lasting Prevention

Once you’ve worked to get the interior of your shed insect free, you can start work on the exterior. Whether you plant bug repelling plants or prefer using traps or sprays, there are quite a few options for keeping pests at bay.

Put the excitement back into the Spring season with these easy tips for keeping insects out of your backyard shed. While we can’t guarantee a completely bug-free shed, these tips should keep most of the creepy crawlers at bay.