The Tuff Shed Trifecta

Oct 07, 2016 |  Building of the Month

Once again, Tuff Shed proves that a custom creation is easily brought to reality. With this triple installation our team had their work cut out for them but the project came together quickly, much to the excitement of our customer.

The 12’x12’ TB-800 in the center is flanked by two 8’x12’ Lean-To’s on each side. With the metal roof upgrade and cement pad underneath, these three units are built to last.

Customers owning multiple Tuff Shed buildings is more common place than you may think. With so many options and customizations, the possibilities for a fleet of Tuff Shed buildings are endless. And when you find a product you love, it’s easy to stick with it! If you’re looking to start a Tuff Shed collection of your own, take a look at our online 3D configurator and start designing a building to fit your needs.