Warning: Winter is Coming

Nov 04, 2016 |  Featured Stories

Sometimes the first snowfall can sneak up on you before you’ve gotten your yard and shed ready for the winter months. So why not start winterizing today? We’ve put together a quick list for getting started on winter prep in your backyard.

Start Fresh: 

  • Before you begin packing away your items, clear out your garage or shed. Start by cleaning out any easily moveable items and sweep out any dirt or cobwebs that have accumulated over the season. Now you’ll have plenty of room to stash all your seasonal things.

What to Store:

  • Barbeques and grills- It’s hard to admit, but BBQ season is nearing its end in some areas of the country. When you’re storing your grill be sure to disconnect the propane tank and cover it for storage outdoors.
  • Furniture- Some patio sets aren’t meant to be moved but for those that are, now is the time to store them in your shed or garage. For permanent outdoor furniture, we recommend removing any cushions or pillows for use next year.
  • Gardening Supplies- It’s time to put away those garden tools and hoses. Store gardening tools in pots or bags of sand to keep them sharp for next season, and don’t forget to drain your hoses before hanging them up for the winter.
  • Potted Plants- After the first frost, it’s likely that your plants have little life left. Pull out the plants and start stacking your pots indoors.

Yard Work:

  • Raking and Mulching: If you’re tired of bagging up fallen leaves in your yard, give mulching a try. Use your lawn mower to mulch the leaves and spread them on your garden for some natural nourishment.
  • Sprinklers: Be sure that your sprinkler system doesn’t freeze during the chilly winter months by draining the system. You can either take a DIY approach with a compressor or hire a professional team.
  • Lawn Mower: After you’ve mowed for the last time this season, be sure to empty out the gas tank before storing it.

One last thing:

  • If you’re in snow country, pull out your shovels, snow blower, and snow melt. Be sure that your snow blower starts and that you’re well-stocked for the first snow storm. Store all your winter items toward the front of your shed or garage so when the time comes, you’re ready.


Take a weekend and get your backyard ready for the changing season. If you find that your current garage or shed doesn’t have quite enough space for your stuff, take a look at our 3D online building configurator and put together the perfect storage solution.