New House, New Workshop

May 02, 2018 |  Building of the Month

When Adam Barber moved into his new home, he wanted to start fresh. While packing, he realized just how many things he had accumulated in his garage workshop. He decided the garage at his new house would only be used for storing vehicles, putting him on the hunt for a new workshop.

“I like to tinker with my cars and I wanted a place to store all the extra parts, while keeping the garage clean,” says Adam. In the six months before he moved, Adam used our online configurator tool to design his future workshop. He liked having the opportunity to design a building that would look great in his new backyard and fit his needs. “I would go online and add another option to my future workshop or try a different color. When I got the final budget settled, I gave the local team a call and got started.”

Adam decided on a 12×16 Sundance TB-800. His new workshop has quite a few options, but his two favorites are the porch and the interior loft. The loft adds lots of storage space for seasonal and less-used items. And the porch? “It’s great to just take a break, sit, and relax. The dogs enjoy it as well,” says Adam.

From start to finish, Adam couldn’t have imagined a better way to get a new workshop. “It was really easy. The installers took their time and doubled check the measurements, the building, is great, and I’m looking forward to many years of use.”