More Than Storage

May 01, 2019 |  Featured Stories

Our buildings work great for storage and helping you keep your things safe and organized. But there’s also a whole new side of our buildings that’s so much more than just storage. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite uses, just in time for summer.

Pub Shed

Imagine a summer barbecue with a backyard tiki bar or pub. Serve up your favorite drinks and entertain family and friends in a space that fits your style. There are quite a few options to finish out the interior of your building but you might find some inspiration from the Peters’ pub shed, featuring a reclaimed wood wall and rustic finishes.

Yoga Retreat

A garden shed can be a relaxing place for some people, but if you find meditation or yoga to be more your style a shed retreat could be perfect for you. A space for relaxing can be a simple project. The Garcera’s have a great meditation shed in their backyard, complete with French doors opening to a great view.

Man Cave Workshop

Loren J.’s shed started out as a storage shed for his bikes and accessories, but it quickly turned into a Man Cave. He added some comfortable chairs, a mini fridge, and a workbench for tinkering and created a space that he’s proud to show off to family and friends. No matter what your hobby is, a shed can make a great place to perfect your skills.

Guest House

You might be surprised at what a little DIY work can do to the interior of a Tuff Shed building. With the right finishing touches, you can create a backyard oasis that guests where guests will feel right at home. One of our favorite examples is Josephine’s Shabby Chic guest house: