Harry’s Storage Solution

Jul 03, 2018 |  Building of the Month

Harry’s new backyard shed may not be traditional but it works perfectly for him. After getting hit with high monthly rental fees for an offsite storage unit, Harry did the math and decided on Tuff Shed. Now his three buildings provide all the storage space he needs without the annual cost, with the added bonus of convenience and style.

He was renting a 10×10 storage space for years and the bill kept rising. “As soon as I added it all up, I realized I could get the shed I wanted and still keep it under budget. It just made sense,” says Harry. He considered ordering one large building but decided to split it up into three to comply with building codes. The 12×16 TB-800 and two 6×16 Sundance Lean-To’s have turned out to be a great storage solution.

With all the extra storage space, Harry has been able to get organized and reclaim his garage space. “I’m really loving the shed, it’s just fantastic,” says Harry, “It works great and it’s added value to my property.”