Cynthia’s She Shed Workshop

Jul 15, 2021 |  Building of the Month

Cynthia’s she shed workshop is a perfect fit for her DIY projects. She designed her shed with plenty of room for all her tools and space for projects. And she added a few clever customizations after installation day to truly make the shed her own. Take a tour of her workshop and see how she transformed her shed into a custom workspace.

She designed her 8×14 Sundance Lean-To online and worked with her local Tuff Shed rep to ensure that the shed would fit on the concrete pad in her backyard. Keeping her projects in mind, Cynthia added double doors to allow for indoor and outdoor workspace. She also added an upgraded roof pitch for more room inside the shed and plenty of natural light and airflow with windows.

Cynthia added a canopy over the doors for her outdoor workspace and several clever interior storage solutions that truly make her she shed workshop a work of art. Cynthia added a hidden storage cabinet placed between the studs for spray-paint storage. She also designed a dust collection system along the back wall of the shed. Cynthia notes the difference having a backyard workshop has made. “I love having this entire workshop so that I can keep my tools and my projects all in one place. It’s made such a difference.”

If you’d like to design a backyard workshop of your own, you take a look at the building details below and get started with our online design tool here:


And if you already have a backyard workshop of your own, but you need a few projects to work on this summer, we’ve got you covered. Our Tuff Shed DIY Workshop features plenty of projects for storage, outdoor entertaining, and adding more workspace inside your shed. We’ve listed a few of our favorite projects below to get you started. Be sure to tag us in your finished projects and happy building.

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