From Shed to Seed to Plate

Aug 14, 2019 |  Building of the Month

Alma Backyard Farms is working to bring a positive change to the LA metro area. Since opening in 2003, their mission has been to help integrate formerly incarcerated individuals back into their communities. Not only do their community gardens provide a place to work, the fresh produce grown there are sent to food insecure neighborhoods and local restaurants. And with four Tuff Shed buildings, their gardens are truly set for success.

After seeing the effect that community farming could have on individuals re-entering society, co-founder Erika Cuellar was inspired to create an outlet of her own. “We wanted to create beautiful spaces that would allow our workers to feel connected to their community and see what a difference their efforts can make, from seed to plate.”

Alma Backyard Farms opened their first urban farm in 2003 and has since built 3 more locations in the Los Angeles metro area. As they grew, Erika knew they needed secure storage buildings onsite but wanted to find sheds that would add to the style and beauty of the space. “We chose to work with Tuff Shed not only because of the quality of the product but because we could design really beautiful buildings for our communities,” says Erika. “We customized each one of them to fit the space; it’s not just about function, it’s about style too.” With two 10×14 TR-800’s and one 10×12 TB-700, Alma Backyard Farms has a great start on a Tuff Shed collection.

Erika notes that the mission of Alma Backyard Farms is much greater than providing fresh produce in their communities. “We want to create beautiful spaces that inspire the communities surrounding them. It allows for a powerful healing experience for both the workers and the surrounding area.”

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