Guide to a Great Home Office

Jul 25, 2019 |  Featured Stories

Working from home can be a great benefit-if you’ve got the space for it. Distractions around the home can quickly take a toll on productivity and workflow. A home office shed gives you all the privacy of a corner office in the comfort of your backyard, keeping you productive during the work day.

Within the past year nearly 43% of employed American’s reported to working remotely; a number that’s growing steadily. Flexible working schedules are increasing in popularity, as are the needs for spaces to work. We’ve put together a quick guide to help you put together the ideal home office, featuring design styles from some of our favorite buildings of the month.

Lots of Light

Nothing brightens up a work day like extra natural light. Chuck and Martha Garcera’s shed is a great example, with French doors and extra large windows. Just imagine a desk looking out those doors-looks like a great place to work, right?


Personal Style

Your office should reflect your style. Whether you’re a fan of the farmhouse look, have a preference for modern design, or just want an organized space, you can customize your new shed office to fit your dream workspace. Joanie Wilkens’ quilting shed is a great example of personal style reflected in a custom shed.


Mixed Use Space

Why not use your new office shed for more than work? Katrina Sullivan’s She Shed office is a great example, featuring a neat, organized workspace as well as room for entertaining guests. There are many ways to turn your shed into a multi-use space, including adding a porch for enjoying after-work happy hours or adding an interior loft for storage space.