A Barn Without a Farm

Jan 06, 2017 |  Building of the Month

Here’s a storage barn that doesn’t skimp on style. Owners Michelle and Brad from Idaho were looking for a spot to store their sporting equipment, tools, and outdoor entertainment items. With space available along the fence line, the barn had to be designed to fit into the unique spot. They had an idea of what they were looking for but needed a little shed know-how from the Tuff Shed team at their local Home Depot.

The 12×16, TB-700 fits perfectly into Michelle and Brad’s yard and completes the fence line perfectly. The barn features transom windows, a double door upgrade, two 12”x12” gable vents, and a 2×2 window. Possibly the most notable addition to the barn is the custom cupola and weather vane, which Michelle found online.

Speaking of additions, Michelle and Brad put some finishing touches on the interior to make it the ideal storage center. They decided to spray the interior with white paint for a uniform color scheme. The loft inside stores seasonal items and is accessible with a ladder. Michelle and Brad also purchased a pulley system to store their bikes from the ceiling rafters, utilizing every inch of space available in the barn.