The Secret to the Perfect She Shed

Dec 01, 2016 |  Featured Stories

The She Shed trend is sweeping the nation and in our line of work, we’ve gotten a unique behind the scenes look at how to create the perfect backyard space.

Lay Out a Plan and a Pinterest Board

A tried and true way to find your ideal style is to use Pinterest. Start a She Shed board to get a better idea for the theme you’re looking for. Whether you’re wanting a barn, ranch, or more modern style, this is a great time to find the type of shed that fits your ideas and yard space best. No matter what building style you choose, we recommend adding plenty of extra windows and skylights to bring natural light into the space. Double doors, or even double Dutch doors are also a great way to let the sun shine in during warmer months.

Choose a Color Scheme

Both the exterior and interior color schemes play a big role in your future She Shed. If your backyard is on the smaller side, you may want to match your She Shed to your home’s colors. A larger yard provides more space to separate your shed from your home and a brighter, more eye-catching color scheme will work well.

When it comes to interior color, anything goes. Subtle shades of grey and blue lend themselves to a more relaxing space while brighter colors will keep energy and creativity flowing. Take some time to choose paint colors that fit with your plans for the shed. To help, we’ve put together a color guide for customizing the paint for your future shed. It’s also important to let your salesperson know if you plan to insulate and finish your building. They’ll be able to provide a little shed know-how.

Budget Your Style

Some of our happiest She Shed owners have found their favorite items from flea markets, antiquing trips, and DIY projects. The most stylish She Sheds have a great blend of old and new pieces decorating the interior.

For furniture and decor, shop your own home first. A spare chair or couch sitting in your basement could have a new life after a DIY makeover. By customizing your décor and furniture, you’ll have a unique space that’s all your own. Once again, Pinterest is a great place to find ideas for DIY projects that will put your personal style center stage in your shed.

There’s certainly no wrong way to style a She Shed, but we hope these tips will help guide you when putting together the perfect space. Remember to send us photos of your completed sheds for a chance to be featured in our monthly email.