Color Us Impressed

Aug 18, 2016 |  Featured Stories

Choosing an exterior paint color for your Tuff Shed building can be one of the most exciting, but at times challenging, parts of the customization process. Whether you plan on matching your home’s color scheme or you want your new building to stand out with a vibrant shade, colors play a major role in curb appeal. So how can you choose the right color? Understanding color and the associations people have with them can help you create the perfect color combination for your new Tuff Shed building:

  • Red- Create a feeling of warmth and excitement. Not only does red make a statement of energy, it’s a vibrant shade that will pop in your yard and show off your custom building.
    • Our Colors: Cherokee Red, Brick Dust, Hunt Club Red, Warm Up
  • Orange- A great color for a craft shed. Orange brings out energy and excitement, a perfect environment for crafting and creating new things.
    • Our Colors: Pumpkin Patch, Cool Clay
  • Yellow- Paint some sunshine on your shed. Full of happiness and optimism, yellow will make your Tuff Shed building feel like a space for cheery afternoon
    • Our Colors: Bulletin Board, Waves of Grain
  • Green- What better color for a gardening shed? A green exterior will create the backdrop for an environment of nature and growth; the perfect setting for plants and garden tools alike.
    • Our Colors: Smoky Slate, Autumn Gray, Licorice, Night Watch
  • Blue- If you’re creating a backyard oasis for rest and relaxation, this is the shade for you. Blue helps to a create space for calmness, allowing you to focus on taking a break and relaxing.
    • Our Colors: Goblin, Sheffield Gray, Seastone
  • Brown- Do you plan on using your Tuff Shed building for storage? Brown stands for reliability and stability, the perfect color for a sturdy storage center.
    • Our Colors: Almond Brittle, Cocoa Cream, Notorious, Hat Box Brown, Ground Coffee, Maison De Campagne
  • White- Your new building will be awash in relaxation. If you’re creating a space to escape and take a break, white is the perfect color for cleanliness and neutrality.
    • Our Colors: Delicate White, Tundra Frost, Southern Breeze
  • Gray-Set the tone for a neutral space. Gray can be used for anything from a backyard retreat, guest house, or even home office with a timeless mood.
    • Our Colors: Gray By Me, Ghost Writer, Solitary State, Dover Gray, Knights Armor
  • Black- A sophisticated choice, A perfect color for a backyard office, black sets a mood for authority and power, a sure sign that you’ll do great work in your new building.
    • Our Colors: Black Magic

No matter what PPG color(s) you choose for the exterior of your Tuff Shed building, it’s sure to make a statement.  With this paint guide, you’ll have a striking shed while saving a little extra green.