Storage in a Saltbox

Mar 15, 2017 |  Building of the Month

During the spring months, landscaping around your home can be bit of a chore. We’ve found that it’s a lot more enjoyable (and easier) to care for your lawn when there’s a great new storage shed in the backyard. Take for example, this Saltbox style shed from Raleigh, NC.

This 10×12 Sundance Series TRS-800 is a great example of how a few custom upgrades can make a big impact. The double doors with in-door transom windows, decorative door trim and black hardware look and function great, but the real showstopper is the dormer upgrade. With three transom windows, the dormer roof lets in plenty of natural light for the potting shed. A full back wall of transom windows and 3×3 windows with shutters on each of the end walls finish out the shed nicely.

The owner plans to store all her gardening supplies and tools in the shed to keep her well-manicured lawn looking great all year.

Did you know?

Saltbox style buildings get their name for their unique features. Their flat front, asymmetrical sides, and long, low rear roof line are similar to a wooden box that salt was kept in. The style originated in New England as a part of American colonial architecture. Growing families needed extra square footage in their homes and found that the easiest and most economical way to get extra space was to add a lean-to structure to the back of their existing homes. Now the style makes an excellent backyard shed.