A DIY Crash Course

Mar 16, 2017 |  Building of the Month
The completed exterior of the She Shed.

Nearly all of our featured buildings have some type of DIY project involved when it comes to completing the interior. So just how easy is it to DIY the interior of your Tuff Shed building? A few of our employees found out for themselves when putting together a display for the Home Depot Managers Meeting, held during mid-March in Las Vegas. The end result is a magnificent She Shed, completely outfitted with items from the Home Depot.

Firstly, the team had a great canvas to work with. The 10×12 Sundance Series TR-800 features an 8/12 roof pitch and dormer upgrade. Additional upgrades on the building include (2) 3×3 windows with window boxes and shutters, double doors with transom windows above, a full lite entry door, and black hardware. Christopher Whitefleet (Regional Sales Manager), Brian Marino (Regional Sales Manager), and Josh Roffeis (Regional Production Manager), designed the custom building and took on the task of customizing and decorating the She Shed.

The interior has an LP SmartFloor Plus upgrade and the team added 5” shiplap siding on the walls, and laminate flooring. The She Shed really started to take shape when they installed an electric package and lighting for both the interior and exterior of the building. Josh even enlisted the help of his wife and two kids for decorating the She Shed.

Not only was the display a great opportunity to customize a building, it was a crash course in DIY. As shed professionals without much interior design experience, the team learned how simple it can be to create a backyard oasis. “It’s absolutely manageable to get the whole thing done within a day and anyone can do it,” says Christopher, “We had a lot of extra materials to sort through, but if you plan it, you can get it done quickly.”

All interior décor items and materials were provided by the Home Depot and are available for purchase at www.homedepot.com .