Rustic Charm Shedquarters

Feb 19, 2016 |  Building of the Month

The Completed Shedquarters

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When Dawn Turner began her career as a Vet Tech, she had no idea that a part-time hobby would become a full time role, or that a Tuff Shed building would help her launch her business. She began making stamped name tags for animals she worked with to give a little flair and personality for their collars. Eventually word spread and soon customers were requesting more creative and intricate items. But as the business grew, the space needed for her projects expanded as well. Enter Tuff Shed.

After working for four years out of the sunroom in her home Dawn decided she needed a Shedquarters of her own. While she dreamt of a backyard office and dropped hints to everyone in her family, her dream began to seem more like reality when she toured a Tuff Shed building at her local Home Depot. “I fell in love with the idea of all the space I could have” says Dawn. “I could finally keep work separate from my home life.”

Coming from a household of builders and carpenters, Dawn and her husband weren’t sold on buying a pre-fabricated shed. But after a meeting with Tuff Shed Sales Person April Austin, the Turner’s were convinced. “The quality was amazing. We couldn’t imagine the time it would take us to build something of that caliber and in the end we found that time is worth money.”

After placing an order on a Monday evening and ironing out the details on a Tuesday, the official Shedquarters was delivered and built on Friday of that week. “The builders just created such a great environment and everything was so simple,” remembers Dawn.

Then came the real work. Dawn, her husband, and father worked tirelessly to create an interior to match Dawn’s dream (and Pinterest boards). The interior has a decidedly rustic charm, with additions like a custom horse collar chandelier, shiplap walls, and metal ceiling panels.

Nearly every inch of the interior décor has come from refurbished materials and antique pieces (from her family’s seemingly endless collection). The chair hanging from the wall was a favorite of Dawn’s grandfather and the doors near the back of the shed came from a local resale site. As everything comes together in the Shedquarters, you can keep track of progress with Dawn’s blog.