An Artist’s Studio in Ypsilanti

Jan 08, 2016 |  Building of the Month


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What better space for an artist’s studio than an inspiring Tuff Shed building. The Smiths of Ypsilanti, Michigan knew their newest architectural addition had to come from Tuff Shed.

The 18’x32′ TB-800, with the second floor option, needed to be installed on a new concrete slab, due to the size of the building. Originally, the barn was planned to be 18’x36′ but due to cement costs, Mrs. Smith decided to cut off the extra 4 feet. The smaller size did nothing to diminish their excitement for the new building. Tuff Shed ASM John Lopertone looked forward to working with the Smith’s from start to finish. “They’re just the nicest people you’d ever want to meet,” says John, “I really enjoyed working with them.”

While customizing her artist’s retreat, Mrs. Smith noticed dormers on a Tuff Shed building and instantly fell in love with the style. Besides the 2 dormers on the second floor, upgrades on the barn include 2 service doors, skylights, interior shelving, and double doors with transom windows.

The first floor of the barn will be used strictly for storage but the second floor will come alive with Mrs. Smith’s creativity. With the extra light from the dormers and skylights, this barn is an artists dream.