Murals and Sheds – A Perfect Match

Jul 25, 2017 |  Featured Stories

Our Denver factory is about to get a whole lot brighter. Thanks to the efforts of local muralist, Thomas Evans, we’ve welcomed some beautiful art to our Grape Street factory. These murals are a great eye-catching addition to our already colorful display buildings.

Mr. Evans, known in the community as Detour, approached our Marketing team with plans for a mural on the annex building next to our Grape Street factory. “We’ve had a lot of issues with graffiti and tagging on that building. We’re thrilled at the idea of beautifying the area,” says Marketing Vice President Phil Worth. With approval from Tuff Shed, Detour got to work.

The mural features his friend, Cindy Cervantes, who works as a mentor in the Denver community with the organization Queenz of Hip-Hop. Cervantes is both humbled and happy to be featured in the mural. “I still can’t believe that it’s me up there.”

Check out the full story of the Grape Street mural here: