Make the Most Out of Fall

Oct 23, 2019 |  Tips & Suggestions

Even a little early preparation can make a big difference by the time spring comes around. Your shed or garage can play a big role in winterizing your backyard and we’ve got 4 simple tips to help you get ready for the changing season.

Tip 1:

Gardening season is over for most of us, so it’s time to put away all the gardening and landscaping tools. Detach your garden hoses and wind them up to drain any remaining water and clean your gardening tools of any remaining dirt. Store your cleaned tools and dry hoses away in your shed or garage to keep them protected from cold weather and ice.

Tip 2:

After you’re finished winterizing your backyard, re-organize your shed. If you live in snow country, bring your cold-weather gear to the front of your shed for easy access during winter weather. You’ll thank yourself when the first snowstorm or freeze hits and all your snow shovels and ice melt are easy to grab.

Tip 3:

Bagging up your raked leaves can be a pain. Try something new and mulch your leaves instead. Spread the mulched leaves over your tilled garden for nutrient rich soil that will benefit your spring garden.

Tip 4:

Patio season is coming to an end and your patio furniture and grill won’t be in use soon. Be sure your outdoor furniture stays in good condition by storing it away in your shed or garage. It’s an easy way to cut down on the wear and tear and keep your things barbeque ready. If there’s not enough room to store away all your patio items, be sure they’re covered before the chilly winter weather hits.

For more tips on keeping your shed or garage organized, take a look at our guide here: