Stored Stuff Stacking Up? We’re Here to Help!

Jul 08, 2016 |  Featured Stories

It’s almost inevitable. Even with all the extra storage in the world, your belongings tend to stack up over time. Sure, you can add a storage building or garage to your property (we can help with that) but then what?  No matter how much storage space you have, a little organization can go a long way when it comes to cutting clutter and maximizing that space.

Utilize our shelving options for a great workspace or handy storage.
Whether using the shed for a workshop or storage space, shelving makes a big difference.

Step 1-Sort

Sure, the pile of boxes, tools, and miscellaneous items that have accumulated may seem intimidating at first, but every project needs to begin somewhere! Start by sorting through all the items and organizing everything into piles for keeping, donating, and tossing out. It helps to start by taking everything out of the building to see how much space you have to work with.

Step 2-Categorize

Take your organization a step further by sorting out your pile of things to keep into separate categories. Think of it like sorting files on a computer. Keep memorabilia, holiday décor, sports items, and tools in their own areas and be sure to label the boxes clearly. Not only will you be organized, you’ll spend a lot less time hunting through boxes when you need a specific item.

The interior of a Tuff Shed building has so many options for organization and customization.
There are so many options for organization in a Tuff Shed building.

Step 3-Clean

After you’ve sorted, clean the space in your garage or shed. Start your new organized space out right by cleaning out all the dust and dirt that has accumulated over time. It’s so much easier to be organized when the space is deep-cleaned and ready for storage.

Step 4-Store

How are you storing your stuff? Shelving units are great for boxes, but what about everything else? Consider a pegboard for loose tools that need a home. There are tons of add-ons and options to customize your pegboard to fit your needs.

While pegboards and shelving units are incredibly useful for storing workshop supplies, there are many DIY and off the shelf options available at The Home Depot that may work even better for your needs. Be sure to take a look at Pinterest for some great storage inspiration and tutorials.

Don’t get intimidated by your mountain of stuff. With these 4 easy steps, you’ll be organized and ready to start filling in the empty spaces with new stuff in no time.


An organized potting shed isn't hard to accomplish when you start with a clean shed.
An organized potting shed may seem out of reach but all it takes is a little time and elbow grease.