From Dirt to Shed to Success

Sep 04, 2018 |  Building of the Month

For Sharon Flores, a new shed was not in the plans. The Flores’ backyard was essentially just a dirt patch when they moved in nearly two years ago, but it had a stunning view of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Sharon looked forward turning the empty space into something beautiful. Then her husband ordered a shed.

“I cried when I saw what he had “gifted” me,” says Sharon. Due to HOA restrictions, the Flores’ were required to keep their shed level with the fence line and an 8×8 MR-450 was a great fit. Our MR-450 style is designed to fit below a 6-foot fence and worked out well for the neighborhood requirements but not Sharon’s style. “Our backyard was all dirt when it was first installed and it stuck out so much,” says Sharon. “It’s an excellent shed but it didn’t blend in with our breathtaking view.”

With a little creativity Sharon turned her new storage shed into a great addition to the backyard. She added exterior lanterns, a stone path, and shrubs to frame the building. “Now it makes me smile when I look at it… a success story!”