DIY Workshop: How To Paint a Shed Mural

Jun 07, 2021 |  Tips & Suggestions

Your backyard shed paint scheme can be a great way to add bright color to your backyard. Though we offer more than 4,000 possible color combinations, there are times that only the most custom solution will do. In those cases, we’ve got a quick guide to adding a mural to your shed. In our case, the mural adds an accent wall to our backyard corner speakeasy.

While we chose a fairly simple design for our mural, the possibilities are endless. Your shed mural can be a great place for you to get creative and introduce a bright and bold addition to your backyard. No matter what design you choose to create, we’ve got a few tips for creating a great mural.

  1. To start, we painted over the back wall with white primer. Depending on the color of your shed, you may not wish to add primer, but be sure that your walls are clean and ready for paint.
  2. If you plan to use painters tape for your design, paint over the tape with the base paint color of your mural for a cleaner line once the tape is removed.
  3. Be sure to paint over the tape with your top colors for a clean line.

You can follow along with our DIY Shed Mural video here for inspiration. Be sure to tag us in your shed mural photos or share them below.. We’re looking forward to seeing the backyard masterpieces you’ll create.