Bill’s Storage Solution

Sep 29, 2021 |  Building of the Month

When you need a storage shed that’s built to last, you can trust Tuff Shed. Bill’s 8×10 shed is filled with great storage solutions, keeping all his tools neat and organized, with extra space for a workshop as well. Take a look at Bill’s storage shed and find some inspiration for your future shed.


Bill designed his 8×10 SR-600 to fit all his storage needs while still adding style to his backyard. He added plenty of transom windows and a metal roof upgrade, with a security package to keep his gear extra safe inside his new shed. “I really needed a storage space for all my garden and landscaping maintenance tools,’ says Bill. “ The shed turned out great and even better; I can use it as a charging station for all my battery-operated tools.”


Bill truly made the most of all the interior space in the shed with several custom storage solutions. He added wood brackets around the wall studs to store long-handled tools and short boards between the studs for storing small items. He even utilizes those small shelves as a battery charging station.



Inside and out, Bill’s storage solution is an excellent inspiration for garden shed design. If you’re looking for even more DIY storage solutions for your shed or garage, take a look at our organization guides below.


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