Tuff Shed’s June 2015 Features


Better Doors

The door is the most important moving part on any shed. We’ve gone to great lengths to make the Tuff Shed door better than any other shed door on the market. It’s better because it’s chock full of unique features that provide the benefits our customers love.

  • The large, 4-foot wide design makes it easy to get items in and out of the shed. And the 6-foot wide double door upgrade provides an even wider entrance, perfect for larger items like riding lawn mowers or wheelbarrows.
  • The steel-reinforced design is wrapped with wood on both sides, keeping the door from warping or twisting. We’re proud that our door avoids this common fault of so many other shed doors on the market.
  • The rugged, locking door handle provides extra security. The ergonomic design makes the handle easy to operate. The safety latch inside means you can’t get locked in the building.
  • Ultra heavy-duty hinges are rated at 500 lbs. each! With three of these sturdy hinges, each Tuff Shed door closes tightly and won’t sag.

Garage of the Month

The same devotion to quality construction that goes into our storage buildings also goes into every Tuff Shed garage. Just recently, we began servicing customers in The Home Depot’s home city of Atlanta, and already we’ve installed our first garage for a customer there. Here are a couple of photos of that garage showing the 20′ x 28’ Sundance Series model during and after installation.