Tuff Shed’s July 2015 Features

Shed of the Month

Here at Tuff Shed we pride ourselves on our quality construction techniques and our ability to build just about anywhere. Take for example this custom TR-700 built for a customer at 8,500 feet in Fairview Canyon, Utah. The customer needed a building that could handle heavy snow loads in the winter so our Salt Lake City team constructed this great looking building that includes reinforced roof and floors and a metal roof, which will soon be available as a standard option. Do you have a custom project in mind? Give us a call at 888-883-3743 or email us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help!

Social media sensation Kristen Witby, most known for her DIY blog www.ellaclaireinspired.com has joined the She-Shed club with her new Tuff Shed. For a woman whose passion is making her home a lovely and inspirational place, we can’t wait to see what she does with her new Sundance Series TR-700.

An Inspirational DIY Blogger Joins the She-Shed Club


From the photo we can see that she has added a few optional upgrades to her building. Above the door, we can see that Kristen has added three transom windows. The natural light from these windows, and the upgraded roof pitch on the building, will open up this building for that not-so-small feeling. To finish it off in style we can also see that an end-wall eave upgrade is being installed. It’s a cosmetic finish that really just makes the perfect finishing touch.

Follow Kristen (ellaclaireblog) on Instagram to see additional pictures of her new She-Shed in the making.