Tiny Homes with Big Purpose

Jul 28, 2016 |  Featured Stories

Yuba City Project

Here’s a project we’re proud to be a part of. Yuba California county officials and 14 Forward, a temporary housing group, are working to help the county’s homeless population. Recently, this effort included the unveiling of a tiny home community that will house residents and supply them with some basic tools they need to get back on their feet. Officials began their search for appropriate housing with several other suppliers around Yuba county but found what they were looking for with Tuff Shed and The Home Depot.

“They really wanted a relationship with the company,” says Kymberly Lucero, Tuff Shed’s Area Sales Manager for Home Depot stores in this area of Northern California. “They wanted someone that would listen to their needs and work from there.”

While the housing community itself has taken around 6 months to complete, the Tuff Shed team was able to deliver quickly. “We had everything built within 4 days,” remembers Kymberly. Now the housing community is open and welcoming residents.

The shelters are simple structures at 12 feet by 8 feet, with basic interiors featuring two beds, lanterns, and storage containers. They may not be luxurious establishments but their purpose as a stepping stone for residents is certainly admirable.

Residents are housed in a 30-day rotation, during which time they’re given the opportunity to attend drug and alcohol counselling, job training, and permanent housing placement. The housing community also offers 24-hour security along with onsite sanitation.

For our part, we were excited to be part of a program that helped the community while capitalizing on Tuff Shed’s ability to provide local project management, rapid project turnaround time, on-site installation and high quality structures at an affordable price.

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