The Perfect Father's Day Gift

Jun 13, 2018 |  Featured Stories

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and we’ve got the perfect gift for the last minute shoppers. There’s no better way to show appreciation for Dad than with a space that’s all his own — like a Man Cave.

Of course, there’s no one way to create a great guy zone in the shed. They can be workshops, game rooms, backyard bars, home gyms, studios, or even screening rooms. We’ve seen quite a few great examples of backyard retreats so we’ve put together a quick list of the essentials for a proper backyard escape.
The best Man Caves have a theme, whether it’s rustic, industrial, or color coordinated for a favorite sports team. Keep in mind that the shed can be as decked out or as simple as Dad’s style. All that matters is that the shed is a comfortable place for Pop and a few friends to lounge in.
What’s a shed hideaway without a few snacks? Add a few shelves with  Dad’s favorite treats, and if the shed has electricity hooked up, a mini fridge. Be sure to stock the snacks and fridge as a nice Father’s Day surprise.
His Favorite Furniture
The Man Cave is the perfect place for Dad’s favorite chair. Or maybe he’s got a Billy Bass that’s been banished to the basement. Now is the time to pull it out and hang it front and center in the backyard shed. With his favorite items all on display in his new retreat, he may just turn the shed into his full time living space.

Every Man Cave as unique as the guy who uses it, and all the best ones start with a Tuff Shed building. Take a look at our Pinterest page to see how other customers have turned their sheds into awesome spaces and get inspired before you start your shed transformation project.