Hosting for the Holidays

Nov 30, 2017 |  Featured Stories

Hosting friends and family for the holidays is a great way to celebrate the season. But if you’re worried about your having enough space for guests, hosting can be more stressful than celebratory. But what if you were able to utilize space in your backyard shed for hosting? We’ve got some simple tips for turning your backyard shed into useful extra space for holiday hosting.

  1. Guest Room

Your backyard office, man cave, or she shed can be a surprisingly cozy space to relax after a long day of celebrating. For more inspiration take a look at this incredible Tuff Shed building turned guest room.

  1. Entertaining Space

Change the party flow by opening up your backyard shed for after dinner drinks and entertainment. A pub shed comes in handy when guests need a space to stretch out after a big meal. Watch a movie, play some board games, or even have a karaoke face-off, right in the comfort of your backyard shed. You can find some awesome party shed ideas on our blog.

  1. Storage

Of course, you can always utilize your storage shed for just that, storage. Reorganizing your shed can lead to a lot of extra storage space. You’ll have plenty of room to store all the extra items taking up space in your basement.

Your backyard shed can be a true space saver during the holiday season. Whether you choose to use for a guest room, entertaining space, or re-organized storage, your Tuff Shed building will be a great solution.