Gordon’s Storage Solution

Sep 28, 2020 |  Building of the Month

Gordon was tired of paying rent on an offsite storage unit. Instead of continuing monthly payments and traveling to the unit, Gordon searched for something better. Gordon’s storage solution is a two-story TB-800 that has all space he needs, conveniently located in his backyard.

With the help of his local Orlando Tuff Shed rep, Gordon designed an extra large barn that has plenty of room to store overflow furniture and supplies from his home décor business. The 16×28 TB-800 2S features double doors so Gordon can move his furniture in and out of the barn easily and a full second floor. It’s not hard to see that his barn is a total upgrade from an offsite storage unit.

Whether you need an extra large barn like Gordon or a small backyard shed, we’ll help you get set with a storage solution that works for your needs and your backyard. Why not start designing your future shed now? You can get started with a shed like Gordon’s with the guide below, or follow the link here to start from scratch using our online design tool.