Baleigh’s Boss Babe Cave

Mar 09, 2021 |  Building of the Month

While working from home, Baleigh wanted a little more space. The answer was an 8×10 SR-600, giving her plenty of room to store merchandise and add a desk for workspace. With a few finishing touches, completed by Baleigh and her husband, this little shed makes one incredible home office. Take a tour and see Baleigh’s Boss Babe Cave for yourself.

Looking to design a home office of your own? If you like Baleigh’s shed, start your design with an 8×10 SR-600 and add a 2×2 window. Add any other windows or options to create the perfect space to get to work.

If you’d like more tips on creating a backyard office that’s built to last, we’ve got plenty of DIY guides to get your home office project started.