Tuff Shed’s September 2014 Features

Decorative Door Upgrat


Did you know that when it comes to doors, TUFF SHED offers a wide variety of options on its already best-in-class door?

We give you the freedom to add lots of different door upgrades like our decorative door design (with window and wainscot trim, pictured), a double door, and an additional single door. Plus we allow you to choose where the door is placed, which way it opens, and even what color it is painted.

Whatever you choose, rest assured that every TUFF SHED door is designed to meet our high-quality standards and is ultra heavy-duty. Our patented door design includes steel framing, wood sheathing on the interior and exterior, plus door hardware that is the envy of the shed world. Our super strong hinges (each rated at 500 pounds!) and ergonomic, locking handle were designed specifically for strength and security and are exclusive to TUFF SHED buildings. The result is a one-of-a-kind door that resists the warping and sagging all too common with most other shed door designs.

Some of the particulars vary by TUFF SHED building model, such as standard door height or possible door placement.



We have a variety of buildings to accommodate any need. These display buildings featured at a Home Depot in Colorado Springs showcase the wide assortment of models and styles we have to offer here at TUFF SHED, as well as the range of options we have available to customize any building.

Featured in this photo from right to left is an 8’x12′ KR600, an 8’x12′ SR600 with decorative door upgrade, an 8’x10′ TRS700 with dimensional shingles, decorative door upgrade and 2×2 window with shutters and a flower box, a 10’x12′ TR700 with metal roof and 3×3 window with shutters, a 10’x12′ TR800 with four transom windows, double doors, third color option, roof pitch and endwall eave upgrades and dimensional shingles, and a 10’x16′ TB600 with a reverse paint, double door upgrade and dimensional shingles.