Tuff Shed’s April 2015 Features



Want to add a little natural light to the inside and curb appeal to the outside of your Tuff Shed building? Check out our decorative door upgrade that includes a tempered glass, in-the-door window plus wainscot trim.

Our standard shed door is already legendary in quality…and now you can upgrade the look of your Tuff Shed storage building with a door that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

In the past, customers had to select a skylight if they wanted natural light in their shed but were concerned that adding a traditional window would create a security concern. So Tuff Shed introduced transom windows in 2013. They were a big hit, and the in-the-door transom window is the latest in this window evolution.

And the best part is this upgrade can be added to any single 4′ door or double 3’doors (double door sold separately) for just $129 per existing single door or $179 per existing double door!


Score big with a Tuff Shed garage! From the simple (like a detached, single car Sundance garage) to the complex (like this 12’x26′ perfectly matched, custom variety), we have a garage to meet every need.

Need some extra space to store your toys? A garage is one addition to your home that will provide added storage and protect your vehicles. Like all TUFF SHED buildings, our garages are designed so they can be customized with optional accessories. We give you the ability to add optional upgrades, from the simple and standard (i.e. paint or ventilation) to the more complex or custom (i.e. roof pitch, or siding type).