Julie’s Brewery Barn

Dec 21, 2020 |  Featured Stories

Our Show off Your Shed contest allowed us to see some truly incredible buildings. Our customers are certainly creative, making their buildings work as offices, outdoor living spaces, and more. It was difficult to choose a winner but there were a few sheds that really stood above the rest, in both their design and the way the owners are putting them to use.

Our Winner

Julie’s brewery barn really stands out. Her shed is decked out with extra windows, skylights, and double doors, along with a custom pergola out front.

Not only do Julie and her husband perfect their own home brews inside the shed, they made room for crafting and art projects with their grandkids, and space for gardening. Even better, they can make use of the outdoor space around their barn as well. Julie’s brewery barn is the perfect place to relax in the backyard and make memories with her family and friends.

It was so difficult for us to pick a winner, that we wanted to share a few of our other top picks. Here they are.

Baleigh’s Home Office

Larry and Diana’s Cozy Hideout