FREE Delivery & Professional Installation

As it relates to the process of how a shed or garage makes it into a customer’s backyard, these simple words make a big difference. There are many advantages to purchasing a Tuff ShedĀ building through The Home Depot, but our approach to delivery and installation separates us from the typical shed or garage contractor. Our approach includes these great benefits:

  • Delivery* and installation included in building price
  • Installation by trained and “badged” professionals
  • Quicker installation than stick built structures
  • More building placement options
  • Less wear and tear on the customer’s property

One great advantage of purchasing a Tuff Shed building through the Home Depot is that there isn’t an extra charge for delivery* or installation. In every case, installation of aTuff Shed building is free, and as long as the installation site is within 30 miles of The Home Depot store where the purchase was made, delivery is free as well.

Another great reason to purchase a Tuff Shed building at The Home Depot is the peace of mind that comes with knowing that not just anyone will handle delivery and installation. Purchase a Tuff Shed product at The Home Depot and your building will be delivered and installed on-site by trained Tuff Shed professionals that have passed vigorous background screenings and been officially badged by The Home Depot. Our installers are schooled in the proper and safe way to assemble our buildings, and make providing “Perfect 10” customer service their mission.

Finally, because of Tuff Shed’s construction methods, the installation process for a Tuff Shed building is better for most customers. Our approach is quicker than with stick-building, and when compared with dropping off fully assembled sheds, our approach often provides more options for building placement and typically creates less wear and tear on the customer’s property.

Tuff Shed installers arrive at the job site with certain building components such as wall panels, doors and rafters already fabricated. These components are carried, along with other materials to the exact spot where the customer wants their building. This approach typically eliminates the need to drive across a customer’s yard, and allows for the building to be assembled quickly and in areas that delivering a completed building wouldn’t be possible. No need to remove sections of fencing, destroy expensive landscaping or worry about a truck driving across a septic field. The result of this process is a building true to specifications, typically assembled in a single day, and situated precisely how and where the customer wanted.

*Delivery of Tuff Shed buildings purchased at The Home Depot is free within 30 miles. Additional delivery charge is $2.00 per mile for any one-way miles over the 30-mile radius from The Home Depot store nearest to the building installation site. Additional charge is $5.00 per mile for any one-way miles traveled off paved road.