A She Shed Makeover

Jan 25, 2018 |  Building of the Month

Style can change over time but that’s nothing a little paint can’t fix. Katrina Blair has been a proud Tuff Shed owner for a few years now but she wanted bright pops of color for her She Shed. With a few DIY projects, Katrina created the perfect She Shed makeover.

Katrina’s She Shed has brighter curb appeal with a refreshed front door, stoop, and landscaping.

Even the smallest of changes can go a long way. Katrina’s makeover focused on the curb appeal of her She Shed, including the front door, exterior lighting, hardware, and landscaping. A little effort can go a long way when it comes to refreshing a backyard shed.

The refreshed door and new landscaping transformed the curb appeal of her Tuff Shed She Shed.

Take a look at how Katrina’s project ended up: http://blog.homedepot.com/she-shed-update-backyard-curb-appeal/.

To see how her She Shed looked before the makeover and get a peek at the interior, click here: https://preview.888tuffshed.com/the-perfect-she-shed-get-away/